Moms know best.

For Ken Park, aloe meant much more than just the occasional sunburn remedy – it was part of everyday life – thanks to his mother, Myong Park. When he was growing up, his mom experienced extreme digestive health issues. She tried everything. After failing to find any traditional pharmaceutical remedy, a doctor suggested trying aloe.

Needless to say, the aloe worked wonders! Not only were her stomach pains alleviated, but she was beginning to experience the other benefits aloe had to offer, including a boost in her immune system – not to mention the natural glow and enhanced complexions of her skin. She realized aloe was one of Mother Nature's unmatchable gifts that she had to share with her loved ones. So, the Park family quickly became a pack of aloe enthusiasts. Every morning, Ken’s mom would make fruit and yogurt smoothies mixed with a healthy dose of aloe to ensure her kids started the day off right!

From a dorm room to nationwide distribution.

Fast forward to 2012 – Ken is enrolled at Babson College. Living the typical college lifestyle, Ken immediately noticed a difference in his overall well-being. He knew just what was missing – aloe. Without having his Mom around, Ken was forced to solve the problem himself. He searched high and low for a ready-to- drink aloe beverage, but was disappointed when he only found products that either tasted unhealthy and had very little aloe, or no taste at all but had the recommended amount of aloe content per serving.

Ken saw a huge void in the marketplace. Sparked by his desire to share aloe’s benefits with his friends, Ken’s quest to make the best-tasting and healthiest aloe drink on the market began. Shortly after, SuperLeaf organic aloe juice was born, which he private labeled and imported, selling beverages out of his dorm room and on campus. Within a few months, Ken ventured out to the Tri- State area and began selling it up and down the streets. By the time Ken graduated Babson, SuperLeaf was being sold in 200 stores! Although Ken called his SuperLeaf project an “experiment,” it grew into a successful company with a strong and loyal customer base. It was then, when he realized he had created something truly special – an aloe drink offering best of the both worlds: great taste + health benefits.

Taking his business even further, Ken transformed SuperLeaf into Detoxwater. Special thanks to tremendous support and a steady partnership with Aloecorp, Ken was able to take what was once a college kid’s dream and turn it into a thriving business. Needless to say, the most impressive aspect of Detoxwater is Ken’s dedication to maintaining an eco-friendly and locally sourced product that offers the highest quality aloe vera. Now that’s a company every mother could be proud of!