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Mother Inspired.

A typical conversation between founder Ken Park and his mom.

Feeling sick? Drink aloe.

Did you stay up too late again? Drink aloe.

Your stomach hurts again? Drink aloe.

You failed your exam? Yes, you need to drink aloe.

Ok so maybe it was more of a one-sided conversation, but for Myong Park, aloe was the solution to all life’s problems.

When Ken was growing up, his mom suffered from severe stomach complications. She visited numerous doctors and health professionals who couldn’t seem to fix the problem. After years of pain and discomfort and just when she thought she had tried everything, a holistic doctor recommended adding raw aloe to her diet. 

Aloe she thought… Isn’t that for burns and facial creams? 

At this point she had nothing to lose. She began growing aloe in her backyard, filleting it and creating her own drinks and smoothies.

Not only were her stomach pains alleviated, but she was beginning to experience the other benefits aloe had to offer, including a boost in her immune system – not to mention the natural glow and enhanced complexions of her skin.

Aloe worked wonders and she quickly realized aloe was one of Mother Nature's unmatchable gifts that she had to share with her loved ones. 

The Park family quickly became aloe enthusiasts, and Myong as the “Aloe Queen.”

From Dorm Room to Nationwide Distribution.

Fast forward to Ken’s college years where he was living the typical college life style – studying all night long, candy for breakfast, energy drinks for dinner and an occasional party or two. Ken soon noticed a difference in his overall well-being and knew just what was missing – aloe.

Without having his Mom around, Ken was forced to solve the problem himself. He searched high and low for a ready-to-drink aloe beverage but was disappointed when he only found products that had just as much sugar as a can of soda, tasted delicious but was unhealthy and had very little aloe in them.

Ken saw a huge void in the marketplace. His quest to make the best-tasting and healthiest aloe drink on the market began. He began selling imported aloe beverages from his dorm room, and it quickly caught on, which sparked his realization that it was time to create his own.

Ken teamed up with his beloved Aloe Queen and began creating the perfect, healthy recipe. After months of formulating, Detoxwater was born. From a dorm room to nationwide distribution, he was able to turn a college kid’s dream into a thriving business. Now that’s a company every mother can be proud of!

Our Mission.

To create the best-tasting, highest-quality aloe products on the market.

Detoxwater’s mission is as simple as our ingredients – to hydrate and educate today’s consumers, one aloe drink at a time.

We’ve created the best-tasting, highest-quality ready-to-drink aloe beverages out there in hopes that everyone will become aloe enthusiasts like us.

Aloe vera is Mother Nature’s best kept secret. 

Yes, that’s right, we said aloe vera, the gel you put on your sun burns. But did you know it does so much more? And that drinking aloe, it does EVEN MORE? 

Used for thousands of years, aloe is one of the most powerful prebiotics in the world. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it’s the plant that packs a punch!

We’ve formulated the highest quality aloe drink on the market that not only tastes delicious but is good for you too. Feeling good on the inside doesn’t have to be hard from the outside. 

In the end, we are aloe-bout that healthy life. 

Drink aloe and experience the world Healing Hydration®.