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Two Cryptokiwi Cocktails to Try Before Summer Ends.


Detoxwater Aloe Juice Cocktail

Summer.. don't leave us! We know that is what everyone is saying, but you don't have to with these two deliciously refreshing Detoxwater Prebiotic Aloe Water, Cryptokiwi cocktails.

When you think Detoxwater Prebiotic Aloe Water, cocktails are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However we're here to make a case for nutrient-packed, preventatively hydrating cocktails. Why not take in all of the nutritional benefits of the highest quality aloe vera, vitamins and electrolytes while sipping on a nice, fresh summer cocktail?

There's no better way to enjoy a cool and refreshing summer cocktail than with our newest flavor, Cryptokiwi. Enjoy the combination of sweet kiwi and crisp cucumber enhanced with vitamins and electrolytes for a guilt-free drink. So go ahead and savor the last days of summer with these refreshing cocktails, the perfect addition to any party! 

The Crypto Mojito: 

- Cryptokiwi Detoxwater
- Vodka
- Fresh mint leaves
- Cucumber
- Kiwi
-Soda water

1. Muddle together fresh mint leaves, cucumbers and kiwi
2. Add ice and pour 1.5oz of your favorite vodka 
3. Fill with Detoxwater Cryptokiwi and top off with a slash of soda water
4. Garnish with a cucumber or kiwi slice and fresh mint leave

The Crypto Cooler: 

- Cryptokiwi Detoxwater
- Gin
- Cucumber Slices
- Soda water 

1. Pour 1.5oz of your favorite gin over ice
2. Fill with Detoxwater Cryptokiwi and top off with a slash of soda water
3. Garnish with fresh cucumber slices

Now, drink up and enjoy the summer's most refreshing (and hydrating!) cocktails. As always, please enjoy responsibly! 

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