Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Aloe.

Mother Nature's best kept secret is out and aloe is in! While aloe has been widely accepted as a topical cure-all, not many people are aware of the healing powers when aloe is ingested. With 39 minerals and amino acids, aloe vera is the plant that packs a punch. It helps clear your body of bad bacteria, metabolic waste and fights off inflammation. Think of it as your body's own superhero.

Most aloe drinks compromise the pure health benefits of the plant with added sugar and chemicals. Not Detoxwater! Each bottle of Detoxwater contains 350mg of ACTIValoe®, delivering the clinically proven benefits of pure aloe vera juice. 

Still not convinced of aloe's healing goodness? Here are the top 5 reasons to grab a Detoxwater and #DrinkAloe: 

  • 1. Aloe is jam-packed with prebiotics.

    By now, we’ve all heard about the massive health advantages associated with probiotics, but what about their equally beneficial counterpart, prebiotics? When introduced to the digestive tract, prebiotics help to foster thriving gut health and feed good bacteria such as probiotics. When taken in conjunction, prebiotics and probiotics work together synergistically to stabilize a healthy digestive system and gut. Aloe polysaccharides act as a natural and powerful prebiotic that actively work to create optimal gut conditions to stimulate positive bacteria growth. Detoxwater uses ACTIValoe®, which contains no less than 10% aloe polysaccharides by dry weight, the highest retention of aloe-derived prebiotics on the market. Aloe polysaccharides are clinically proven to significantly reduce gastric acid and heal the gut, leading to the most optimal digestive health. So, drink up and enjoy all the healing benefits Detoxwater has to offer.

    2. Drinking aloe helps keep your skin feeling healthy and looking young.

    It’s no surprise that aloe vera is widely regarded as the best sunburn cure and a general topical cure-all, assisting in everything from dry skin, to sunburns. However, aloe also heals skin from the inside out. Drinking aloe has shown to improve skin elasticity and help maintain positive skin health.

    3. Can drinking aloe everyday really keep the doctor away?

    Not only are aloe polysaccharides a powerful prebiotic, they also work to boost antioxidant levels and improve immune function. Antioxidants help to prevent and delay cell deterioration, which can help protect from immune system problems, heart and eye problems, and even mood disorders. Simply put, aloe vera helps boost your immune system and fight off illnesses. Aloe is here to serve and protect; let it fight the battles within!

    4. Say aloe-ha to powerful anti-Inflammatory properties.

    Aloe is widely regarded for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which enhances cardiovascular health, increases physical endurance and helps alleviate joint and muscle pain. Drinking aloe will keep your body healthy and happy from the inside out, working hard to prevent inflammatory conditions and to appease those that you may already be struggling with. In other words, aloe vera is one of the best workout partners you could ever ask for!

  • 5. Detoxwater is further enhanced with a full range of B vitamins, vitamin C, and electrolytes.

    What better way to get your daily vitamins than by taken them in with the healing benefits of aloe? With the immune boosting qualities of vitamin C and a full range of B vitamins to help improve cognitive function and help convert food into energy, Detoxwater will help power you to take on whatever your day brings. Not to mention, electrolytes to keep you hydrated and energized when obstacles are thrown your way. Perfect for a workout or an average day, the electrolytes, B-Vitamins, and Vitamin-C will help give you that extra push you need to take on whatever comes your way.


    So... What are you waiting for?! Drink up and experience what we call #HealingHydration.


    ACTIValoe®️’s proven health benefits are supported by nearly 700 scientific and clinical studies (available upon request please contact

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