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Detoxwater Launches Veralixir.

NEW YORKSept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Detoxwater, the prebiotic aloe-infused water brand, announces the launch of Veralixir by Detoxwater, a first of its kind aloe supplement shot containing 1.7 fluid ounces of highly-concentrated aloe vera extract. Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free with zero calories and using clinically-proven ACTIValoe®, Veralixir by Detoxwater is recommended to be taken once per day before or after a meal to promote digestive health, skin elasticity, nutrient absorption, and immune health.

"Creating a pure aloe shot that could exist on its own has been a dream ever since we launched Detoxwater, and I'm so proud of the final product. We were able to develop a potent formula equivalent to drinking 3 bottles of Detoxwater, all with zero calories, zero sugar and the highest quality aloe. We're thrilled to be the first to market a nutrient dense aloe shot," commented Kenneth Park, the founder/CEO of Detoxwater. "This new product line reflects the brand's evolution and will further help us continue our mission to share the clinically proven health benefits of aloe vera with everyone."

This is the brand's first line extension, following the launch of its sixth SKU, Cryptokiwi, earlier this year. The timing of the launch will coincide with Natural Products Expo East 2018 beginning September 13th, where industry insiders, experts and retailers will taste it for the first time. Veralixir by Detoxwater will be available exclusively on the brand's e-commerce retail platforms, including the Detoxwater website and Amazon, for the first ninety days prior to launching in retailers. Pre-orders will be available on starting Sept 15th.

Detoxwater will support the launch efforts of Veralixir by hosting a Wellness Summit this fall for top influencers, editors, and talent from the Greater Los Angeles area. From there, the brand will continue to push Veralixir out through sampling, influencer programs, social and digital marketing, and event sponsorships in key markets including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin and Chicago, among others. Detoxwater is also setting the stage for a 10-day social media challenge later this fall, encouraging consumers to add Veralixir to their diet and share the results by tagging @drinkdetox with #DrinkAloe.

For more information on Detoxwater and Veralixir, please visit and follow them at @drinkdetox. For all press inquiries and product sample requests, please email John Filizzola at


About Detoxwater:
Detoxwater is a ready-to-drink prebiotic beverage made with vitamins, electrolytes, and the highest-quality aloe vera. Founded by Kenneth Park in 2015, Detoxwater is committed to promoting wellness from the inside out. With only 30 calories per bottle, Detoxwater delivers the clinically proven benefits of pure aloe juice – an ingredient known to support immune function, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and improved skin elasticity. Certified USDA Organic, OU Kosher, vegan, and gluten-free, Detoxwater is available nationwide in six delicious flavors: Original (Lychee &White Grape), Mangaloe (Mango), Piñamint (Pineapple & Mint), Appleberry (Apple & Raspberry), Peachberry (Peach & Blueberry), and Cryptokiwi (Kiwi & Cucumber).

About Veralixir:
Veralixir is a zero calorie, zero sugar, highly potent aloe shot. With 3X the aloe concentration of Detoxwater, Veralixir contains 100% hand-harvested aloe, specially grown and selected to deliver optimal benefits for immune, skin, and digestive health. This prebiotic aloe formula helps restore and maintain favorable balance of intestinal bacteria in the digestive tract, allowing for an overall improvement in one's health.

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