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Detoxwater, the Premium Aloe Infused Water Brand, Enters Over 4,000 CVS Stores Nationwide.

Detoxwater, the premium aloe-infused water brand, is now available in over 4,000 CVS locations nationwide as part of the pharmacy retailer’s Better Inside & Out program promoting healthier products for the new year. This seasonal features two of Detoxwater’s best-selling flavors for the first six weeks of 2019: Original (Lychee & White Grape) and Peachberry (Peach & Blueberry).

Launched in 2016 by Kenneth Park, Detoxwater sources the highest-grade aloe vera ingredients available as part of their pledge to bring consumers the healthiest, best-tasting aloe-infused water in the market. Now available in over 8,500 stores nationwide, Detoxwater has expanded its distribution footprint by 1,033% over the past two years. Aloe’s growing popularity in the health and wellness space is largely due to the plant’s restorative properties, that are clinically proven to promote digestive and skin health, along with nutrient absorption as well as immune defense.

We are very thrilled to share all of the health and nutritional benefits of aloe vera to today’s health-conscious consumers by partnering with one of the most prominent pharmacy retailers in the US,” Park noted. “CVS’ Better Inside & Out program will help further educate consumers about how to jump start their new year’s resolutions and develop healthy habits that are achievable and will last year round.”

Detoxwater’s participation in CVS’ Better Inside & Out program is part of the retail chain’s commitment to provide healthier products for consumers. Inclusion in this CVS program follows a long line of wins for the Detoxwater in 2018, including their first line extension with the launch of its sixth SKU, Cryptokiwi, along with the brand’s recent launch of Veralixir, a first-of-its-kind aloe supplement shot containing 1.7 fluid ounces of highly-concentrated aloe vera extract.

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